Silversmithing For Beginners

Make your own sterling silver earrings from sheet metal.

Join us for an immersive silversmithing experience in this ultimate beginner class.

Working with a sterling silver sheet, you'll learn how to cut your shapes using a jeweller's saw. Refine your edges with precision using metal files and emery paper before delving into the world of texture, choosing from options like matte, shiny, hammered, or patterned finishes.

Each participant will receive a piece of sterling silver in sheet form, enough to make a pair of small-medium sized earrings. Additional silver can be purchased to accommodate larger shapes if you like statement earrings.

For added dimension, you'll also have the option to dome your pieces.

Finally, you'll learn how to drill the metal to create holes for attaching ear hooks (please note, studs are not an option in this basic intro class).

Get ready for a truly memorable journey into the basics of silversmithing and jewellery design.

Please note this class is for Adults only. Under 18s will not be able to enter the venue, this includes babies.

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$129 pp
2 Hours | Up to 12 participants
2 Hours | Up to 12 participants
$129 pp
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