Private Sewing Classes

Bring a project along or learn a new sewing skill in our tailored private classes

Have you always wanted to learn how to sew but never had the time? Or perhaps you've recently wanted to find a new creative hobby. Sydney Creative are here to help!

A project will be discussed with you prior to the session. If you're a beginner, we'll start by walking you through the machine, how to set it up and get started. We will recommend some beginner friendly projects to work on during the class.

If you already have some sewing experience but you would like to advance your current skills, we can discuss a project to further your current skillset. You are more than welcome to share your goals with us, and we will help you get there.

No previous experience is necessary and you don't need to own a machine for these sessions. If you don't have a sewing machine, it's usually best to come along and use ours, our teachers can give you sewing machine recommendations depending things you want to sew.

Private Class Pricing

1x 3hr Session $249 ($83 per hour)
For a one-off casual class, great for getting to know your machine or an introduction to sewing.

4x 3hr Sessions, 12 hrs total, $896 ($74.66 per hour, saving of $100)
For those wanting to come along to a few classes, perfect for learning how to sew and perhaps work on a simple garment or alterations.

7x 3hr Sessions, 21 hrs total $1500 ($71.42 per hour, saving of $240)
Perfect for ultimate beginners to get completely familiar with the machine and work on a few small projects, or for Advanced Beginners to work on one complex project.

12x 3hr Sessions, 36 hrs total $2376 ($66 per hour, saving of $612)
For those who are serious about sewing and learning various sewing techniques. This time will allow you to work on multiple patterns with your teacher, or one in-depth and very complex pattern.

The above sessions are flexible, the sessions are valid for up to three years, there is no weekly commitment needed.

Disclaimer: depending on the project, you may require further sessions to complete it.

If you'd like some help to discuss your project and choose the right number of hours, call us.

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3 Hours Per Session | Private Class
3 Hours Per Session | Private Class
From $249
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