Candle Making Class

Learn how to make your own double-wicked candle

**Introductory Price $99**

Welcome to Sydney Creative's Candle Making Class, nestled in the iconic pink studio in the heart of Redfern. Perfect for beginners, our class invites you to craft an impressive XL double-wicked candle, designed to illuminate your space with a burn time of approximately 50 hours and a fragrance that's uniquely yours.

In this two-hour journey, immerse yourself in the essentials of candle crafting:

  • Vessel Preparation: Learn to prepare your glass vessel for the wax
  • Wick Mastery: Discover the importance of choosing and securing the correct wick size for an even, perfect burn.
  • Wax Selection: Our cocosoy wax is not only sustainable and clean-burning but also provides a premium base for your candle.
  • Scent Creation: Blend your own fragrance oils under expert guidance to create a signature scent that delights.
  • Understanding Throws: Gain insight into achieving the perfect cold and hot throw for maximum scent release.
  • Pouring Technique: Master the art of combining wax with fragrance, pouring your creation into its vessel, and troubleshooting common candle making issues.
  • Troubleshooting Tips: Equip yourself with the know-how to navigate common candle-making challenges.

We provide all the materials you'll need, from the wax to the wick, the fragrance, and the finishing touches. Every participant will create a luxury handcrafted candle and also leave with the knowledge to continue this beautiful craft at home.

You are more than welcome to take your candle home on the same day, however, our recommendation would be to collect it another day to give it a full 24hrs to sit still.

Join us in a space that radiates warmth and creativity. Secure your spot in our Candle Making Class and light up your world with hand-poured happiness, all at an unbeatable price.

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2 Hours | Up to 12 Participants
2 Hours | Up to 12 Participants
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