Sewing Teacher


After embracing her creativity from a very early age, Sophie went on to attend Birmingham City University where she graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor Honours Degree in Textile Design, specializing in Embroidery. During her time at university, she also took an elective program in Glassmaking and Ceramics, and was also one of the few selected to exhibit her final project at the prestigious New Designers Exhibition in London. She also won the Embroidery Scholarship, Wales with her final project. 


After graduation, Sophie wasn’t ready to dive into a career because she always knew she wanted to work for herself. She decided to explore other countries, arriving in Australia first before spending some time traveling through parts of Southeast Asia. She returned to Australia and settled permanently in Sydney, where she opened Sydney Creative in a small studio in Redfern. She spent the next three years in that cramped little studio until she was able to open a commercial shop in January of 2022. 


Sophie is driven by her passion – she wants to make creativity more accessible for everyone because of how beneficial it can be. The mental health benefits of embracing creativity are numerous and can even stimulate those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. It can lead to a reduction in feelings of depression and isolation and offer people the power of decisions and choice. Because many of us live in such fast-paced environments, it’s necessary for our own wellbeing to slow down, relax, and access our creative sides. Working with our hands and focusing on a creative project can drown out the busy, depressing and stressful noise that can accumulate during the day to day. 


Sophie knows how important it is for everyone to have a creative outlet. Even if people think they’re not creative, they can surprise themselves during a workshop with the things they create. Sophie enjoys watching the reactions at the end of class when everybody is looking over their completed projects –the happiness and pride they show is something she loves to witness, and it’s what keeps her going!


Sophie currently runs the Sewing For Beginners class, as well as some Private Sewing Classes she does for some of her regulars. At times, she also runs the Polymer Clay Earrings class and she is always working on new creative classes to launch in the future.

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