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Sydney Creative, previously Scribble & Sew, was launched in 2019 by Textile Designer Sophie Parry.

Creativity is, and always has been, the driving force in Sophie's life. From an early age she would always swap the dolls and toys for a pen and notepad. She never minded being left to her own devices while her parents needed to go shopping. With a colouring-in book to hand Sophie happily sat quietly either scribbling away or patiently filling in each tiny hole in the fabric of her red tights – the latter much to their frustration.

Sophie's creativity and passion for art led to an interest in fabrics, sewing and textiles. It was at university where Sophie found her feet in the textiles profession, developing the skills and techniques that would guide her on her own journey in textile design. During this time, Sophie won several awards for her textile work and was chosen to exhibit her final third year project at the prestigious New Designers exhibition in London. 

Upon graduating, Sophie left her hometown in Wales to experience different cultures around the world. By 2017 Sophie was settled in Sydney and decided to launch her Handmade Baby Boutique brand Scribble & Sew. In 2018 Sophie introduced sewing workshops to teach others how to sew. 

Sophie's sewing workshops became increasingly busy and Sophie had the dream of offering more workshops, not just sewing. As a Textile Designer and Mixed Media Artist, Sophie had the dream of teaching more workshops, from painting to punch needling and more. In order to make this dream a reality, Sophie launched the workshops under a new name - Sydney Creative.

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