Parent-Child Textured Painting Class

Join us for a memorable parent-child painting class, fostering creativity and togetherness.

Discover the joy of creating art alongside your child with our exclusive "Bond & Brush" class at Sydney Creative. This session is designed for parents and their children aged 12 and above, providing a fantastic opportunity to nurture creativity, foster bonding, and embark on an artistic adventure together.

Your teacher will show you how to paint with a textured medium, creating raised petals, flowers, palm trees, and more. Once the technique has been practiced, the class can proceed to create their own artworks and apply the technique in any way they wish.

The class is open-ended, allowing participants the freedom to use the techniques in any way they choose. This environment encourages you and your child to explore your artistic inclinations without boundaries.

Examples and inspiration are generously provided in the studio, offering ideas for those who prefer to follow a pattern or seek inspiration from existing works.

While the session is designed for two hours, it accommodates varying paces. Some participants may complete their pieces early, giving you the option to leave at your convenience.

This class is open to participants aged 12 and up, providing a unique opportunity for parents to connect with older children through a shared love of art.

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2 Hours | Up to 12 Participants
2 Hours | Up to 12 Participants
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